Stephen J. Binz is a biblical scholar, award-winning author of over 40 books, psychotherapist, and popular speaker, offering keynotes, seminars, and workshops at national and regional conferences and churches. Following graduate degrees at the Gregorian University, the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, and Hebrew University in Jerusalem, he has developed Bible studies in the church for three decades and has offered numerous study trips and pilgrimages. His work is focused on biblical theology, Christian spirituality, and psycho-social issues of personal development. His books have earned top publishing awards from the Association of Catholic Publishers and the Catholic Press Association. He lives with his wife Pamela in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Information about his work is found a

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Pilgrimage Schedule:

HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE                              April 24--May 5, 2017                                                For complete itinerary and details, click here:             Holy Land 2017.pdf

HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE IN THE WAY OF JESUS, MARY, AND PETER for the JUBILEE of MERCY -- October 23--November 2, 2016              For complete itinerary and details, click here: HolyLand2016.pdf

PILGRIMAGE TO POLAND, following in the footseps of Saint John Paul II, Saint Maximillian Kolbe, and Saint Faustina, for the JUBILEE of MERCY -- September 26--October 6, 2016              For complete itinerary and details, click here: Poland.pdf

PILGRIMAGE IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF SAINT JUNIPERO SERRA  with Stephen J. Binz               October 18-27, 2015  For complete itinerary and details, click here:  Serra.pdf  Complete!

PILGRIMAGE IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE SAINTS IN ITALY  with Stephen J. Binz               May 18 -- 29, 2015  For complete itinerary and details, click here:  Italy.pdf  Complete!

HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS, MARY, AND THE APOSTLES      with Stephen J. Binz                        April 22 -- May 2, 2015   For complete itinerary and details, click here:  pilgrimage.pdf Complete!                    


Lectio Divina Pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Stephen J. Binz. October 18 to 28, 2014.  See:   FULL!

PANORAMA OF THE BIBLE: A Holy Land Pilgrimage. Join us May 21 - June 1, 2014 Complete!

I invite you to call me at 225-751-1946 or email at with any questions.

What People Are Saying...

Stephen has been voted our number one pilgrimage leader, his trips are extraordinary!

Select International Tours, Flemington, NJ

The most amazing trip I have ever been on was the Holy Land pilgrimage with Stephen Binz. His knowledge of Scripture combined with his understanding of the Holy Land made the pilgrimage experience wonderful. Stephen made the Bible come alive and I would highly recommend this pilgrimage to anyone. 

Sharon Aureli, Little Rock, AR

This pilgrimage offers something for everyone. Age and degree in one's spiritual growth do not limit the benefits and blessings received by anyone who travels with and learns from Stephen and his support staff. This pilgrimage you offered has certainly enriched our lives and we will never forget the amazing sites and images.Thank you for an amazing journey.

Ernie and Pam Bayer, Watauga, TX

Our pilgrimage created the perfect setting for learning and understanding the connections and interactions of the Old and New Testaments. Stephen Binz excels in satisfying the hunger to experience the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of this region with his knowledge of scripture and his life experiences in the Holy Land. Anyone wishing to have a truly religious experience and growth in faith should go on this pilgrimage.

Ellen Gassie Bernard, Mountain Home, AR

The whole trip was absolutely amazing. We especially enjoyed sailing the sea of Galilee and Via Dolorosa. We are so fortunate that we’ve found Stephen Binz to take us and guide us through our Holy Land trip. His knowledge and experience on all the Holy Sites was extremely informative and helpful and his spirituality was greatly inspirational which has left us with a deeper understanding of our faith. Thank you for a beautiful trip!    

Phyllis & Guillaume Blanc, Waltham MA

Our pilgrimage to Israel was truly a spiritual and uplifting experience. As we have started reviewing the pictures that we had taken we really had a very thorough pilgrimage of the many sights of the Holy Land. Stephen Binz, George our local guide, and all our fellow pilgrims really made the entire experience so wonderful, pleasant, and spiritually rewarding.  

Shirley and Ron Bowling, Knoxville, TN








Bridge-Building Opportunities is the trademark for the work of Stephen J. Binz. As a published author, biblical scholar, popular speaker, licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and pastoral counselor, he seeks to build bridges of understanding between people and bridge the way to personal transformation, understanding, and healing. His work seeks to form connections that bridge the ancient world and contemporary life, psychology and spirituality, religion and culture.

Speaking topics of Stephen J. Binz include biblical studies, pilgrimage, evangelization, spirituality, and personal growth.

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Stephen J. Binz

What People Are Saying...

While we have traveled extensively, this was our first group tour and it set a very high standard for future tours. The pilgrimage was extremely well coordinated and spiritual.  Stephen Binz did a wonderful job of providing prayerful reflections that put each of the sites we visited into a historical and spiritual perspective.  This pilgrimage has changed the way we will forever look at and live our faith. 

Roland and Gayle Breunig, Edgerton, WI

This was an incredible experience that far exceeded my expectations. A visit to the Holy Land changes forever one's understanding of scripture, setting the people of the Bible in a real place and time.

Brenda Camou, Tubac, AZ

Since the Holy Land was our top priority of places to see, when we heard that Stephen Binz was offering a pilgrimage we knew it was time to go. I had used Stephen’s Bible studies as our parish DRE in Ohio, and the participants loved our weekly sessions. The pilgrimage proved to be all we had hoped for and more. Because of Stephen’s deep knowledge of history and Scripture and his beautiful sharing of biblical passages and prayer at each holy site, we came home with a faith experience that will live with us for the rest of our lives.  

Dan and Marianne Dunson, Sidney OH

If you have ever thought about traveling to the Holy Land, Go! The closeness you will feel to God is indescribable. Stephen Binz brings the Gospels to life with his knowledge of Scripture and his true love and devotion to the land and Jesus.

Patricia Gilbert, Little Rock, AR

A Stephen J. Binz Holy Land pilgrimage is a trip of a lifetime.  Even though at times it seemed overwhelming, I particularly appreciated the fact that we saw so many of the sights where Jesus spent his time on this earth. Be prepared to go back in time and experience what life was like during Jesus' time. If you love Jesus, and want to walk in his footsteps, this is the pilgrimage for you. 

Susan Janowiak, Philadelphia, PA

Your pilgrimage was a deeply moving experience. You could not have assembled a better team. Your love of the Lord and the Scriptures enlightened and animated each site we visited and enabled us the pilgrims to experience Christ, the holy land, and its people and their struggles in a profound and personal way. I will never be able to read scripture in the same way again. Thank you for helping to enliven my faith.

Bryan and Rita Keilty, Middletown, MD

Stephen Binz takes you on a time travel through centuries to walk with Jesus and imagine his world  as he experienced life.  He shares his wealth of knowledge of history, religion, and customs and brings a sense of peace and spirituality to each day.  Dr. Binz reads scripture with insight and devotion, placing context and providing improved understanding and compassion to the listener.

Johnette Langlois, Baton Rouge LA

I was privileged to be chaplain for a pilgrimage led by Stephen Binz. At every stop along the way, from Jaffa to Jerusalem, he provided pilgrims with meditations on biblical passages relating to the sites. He made being in the land of Jesus, the apostles, and the prophets not just a journey but a retreat where we could connect to our ancient faith. 

Msgr. David LeSieur, Rogers, AR

The whole trip was rated a "ten" in my mind. Stephen Binz is so full of understanding of the Old and New Testaments and he tied it all together so seamlessly. I chose this trip not knowing what to expect and I attained my dream pilgrimage. I did not hear one negative comment from any of us. It was a privilege to travel with the whole group on this trip of a lifetime for me.

Carol Mason, Little Rock, AR

Due to the volatility of the Middle East I was a reluctant traveler to the Holy Land but I am so glad I went. The Holy Land Pilgrimage with Stephen Binz was enlightening, enriching, fun and safe. I'd do it again tomorrow.

Joanne McCracken, Medford NJ

The Holy Land pilgrimage was a meditation in stone that connected me with my spiritual ancestors, with history, and with my sensate desire for God. Every aspect of the trip was carefully planned and greatly exceeded all my expectations. The flights, the first class hotels, meals, and the itinerary were outstanding. Also, the cost of this trip was much less than going as an ordinary tourist. Stephen Binz and our Israeli tour guide were exceptional in connecting the Scriptures, history, the cultures and languages of the people, as well as, in sharing their spiritual insights.  

Ray McCracken, Medford NJ

Stephen Binz is a thorough planner and has unique insights that enhance the biblical and spiritual journey of the pilgrimage experience. The hustle and bustle of crowded Holy Land shrines are minimized by his careful attention to details and coordination with extremely knowledgeable tour guides and drivers.

Abby McGurty, Hallendale Beach, FL

Celebrating Mass at such beautiful sites was awesome. Seeing the excavations, the reconstructions, and the development through the centuries was fascinating.  Experiencing the food and seeing how life goes on now in the area was just amazing. Stephen Binz puts together a pilgrimage that is truly marvelous. He chooses sites that are fun, educational, spiritual, thought provoking and memorable. The past comes alive and leads to a better understanding of Israel in its present day. I absolutely loved the trip from beginning to end. 

Mary Ochs, Rogers, AR

We will never read the bible in quite the same way after such a spectacular pilgrimage. The combination of Steve’s biblical expertise and reflections at every key site together with the local Catholic guide’s historical insight into Jewish religious back ground made the bible come alive. To add to all of that the accommodations on the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Galilee, and Jerusalem were excellent. What an incredible experience! If we could we would return tomorrow. 

Terri and Jim Schiller, West Bend, WI

This  pilgrimage was a wonderful experience. We would certainly recommend it to our friends and assure them that security was never a problem and we all received more than our money’s worth.

Gordon and Norma Scott,  Jacksonville, FL

We can’t say enough. This trip was fabulous. The weather, the group size and congeniality, the spiritual growth that took place as the trip meandered through God’s country were all part of a trip of a lifetime. I will never be able to thank God enough for this experience for my family. 

Jodie and Conrad Rugart, West Palm Beach, FL

All the sites we went to were informative, interesting, full of meaning and history. Stephen Binz is a very informed, intellectual, and authoritative leader. It was truly a spiritual journey that I will never forget. I thank God that I went on this guided pilgrimage.

Mary Shenker, Little Rock, AR

This pilgrimage turned out to be even better than I expected.  I enjoyed getting both the Biblical and historical perspectives from the most qualified teachers that I think there could possibly be. Although I have been reading the bible for 23 years, because of this trip I have a much better understanding of it and I am even more in love with Jesus. If I ever do go back, it will be with Stephen Binz on one of his pilgrimages.

Carin Vostatek, Mountain Home, AR

For a Catholic this is a trip of a lifetime. The planning, organization, and ability to have preference at some of the holiest places on earth made this trip unique and beyond just  special.   Joann and I are still in awe over what we saw and did; it exceeded our expectations.  We were truly blessed to have made this pilgrimage.

Dale & Joann Walsh, Baton Rouge LA

The pilgrimage was well planned with a great guide, inspirational mass locations, comfortable accommodations, and a harmonious group.  I expected prayer and theology, but the addition archeology and modern politics enriched the experience. My mental image of the places and people of the Bible was enriched by this pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Stephen Binz.

Christine Watkins, Thrall, TX

To really come to know the Lord better you need to walk where He walked, see what He saw, touch what He touched, and breathe the air that He breathed. The only place on earth you can do that is the Holy Land. Come to the Holy Land and come to Jesus! Thank you for helping me to understand my faith better with your wisdom and deepening my faith with your insights on this remarkable experience.

Michael Yacobellis, Copiague, NY






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