Stephen J. Binz
is a popular speaker, biblical scholar, psychotherapist, and award-winning author. With graduate degrees in theology, biblical studies and social work, he focuses his work on biblical theology, Christian spirituality, and psycho-social issues of personal development. He speaks frequently at national and regional conferences, offering keynotes, seminars, and workshops on numerous issues that bridge theological, psychological, ecclesial, and personal concerns. Speaking topics and endorsements as well as books from a variety of publishers may be found on the links here.

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Bridge-Building Opportunities is the trademark for the work of Stephen J. Binz. Through speaking, writing, and counseling, he seeks to build bridges of understanding between people and bridge the way to personal understanding, growth, and healing. He is a published author, biblical scholar, popular speaker, licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and pastoral counselor. His work seeks to form connections that bridge psychology and spirituality, contemporary experience and ancient truths, culture and religion, personal quests and the questions and challenges that have confronted people in every age. His speaking topics include personal growth and spirituality, Scripture and evangelization, ancient-future practices, developing a biblical imagination, moving through grief from loss to new life, thriving through the midlife challenge, and numerous other bridge-building topics.



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